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Theoretical model thermal-angular Ledezma-Leudo[*] for calculating angles of surfaces in Space based on its temperature.


HEILER Ledezma Leudo. Telecommunications Engineer. Research Engineering/Scientist Assistant, Center for Space Research, The University of Texas at Austin, 2013. E-mail:



With the main purpose of calculating the angle of inclination of the surface of an ideal body in a space environment, from information on the temperature of its surface, this model proposes essentially a set of theoretical and mathematical concepts which offers as result deduction of an equation that calculates the exact angle of a given surface in space based on its temperature, using physical laws for heat transfer by radiation and other physical laws.


Keywords: Heat conduction, convection, satellite, exosphere, model, electromagnetic waves, power, radiation, temperature.


Introduction. The environment of the exosphere provides all a "laboratory" of experiments of physical phenomena in Space. That environment would seem ideals (Theoretical) on Earth, but that would allow evaluating such phenomena apart from the effects of other physical phenomena. This is the case of heat transfer by radiation in an ideal Space environment.

Figure 1.1. Light beam on a cubic object in the ideal Space. Left: Subsystem Sol-Cube. Only the blue area of the cube is facing the Sun. Right: Sun rays on the cube.

[*]Theoretical model thermal-angular Ledezma-Leudo. Register 10-307-389, National Copyright 'DNDA' / Ministry of Interior and Justice of the Republic of Colombia / Special Administrative Unit.

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